10.30  Arrival
11.00    Introduction
11.10    Detection of ultralow-field NMR relaxometry with optically pumped magnetometers
Michael C. D. Tayler, University of Cambridge, UK
11.40    DNP assisted Indirect 14N detection methods for structural analysis of proteins in solid-state NMR
Maria Concistre, University of Southampton, UK 
12.10   Structural and dynamic order and disorder in materials from atomic to macroscopic scale, from room temperature to very high temperature: state of the art and perspectives
Dominique Massiot, CNRS Orleans, France
13.00  Lunch

BRSG-NMRDG Annual Prize for Excellent Contribution to Magnetic Resonance by an Early Career Researcher
DNP enhanced solid-state NMR of insensitive nuclei: applications to oxygen-17 and low-gamma
Frederic Blanc, University of Liverpool, UK

14.50    Scalable and Rapid Transfer of Spin Hyperpolarization
Benno Meier, University of Southampton, UK
15.20    Refreshments
15.40    Hyperpolarisation of 13C Pyruvic Acid by Thermal Mixing
James MacDonald, University of Nottingham, UK
16.10 Solid-state NMR of dynamic biological systems at 60-110 kHz magic angle spinning
Jozef Lewandowski, University of Warwick, UK

Key dates:

  • Early registration deadline:
    1 December 2017
  • Registration deadline
    5 December 2017