History and Scope

BRSG: The Magnetic Resonance Group is a group within the Institute of Physics concerned with the development of magnetic resonance techniques, and their application to the study of all states of matter.

BRSG was founded in 1956 by the small, but internationally significant, group of UK based scientists concerned with the then rapidly developing physics of magnetic resonance. These people, who included Raymond Andrew, Jack Powles and Rex Richards, were at the forefront of this field and determined that small meetings at which graduate students could talk and meet others was important for future progress. This tradition has continued to this day and BRSG holds about two meetings each year, typically a one-day christmas meeting, with the other usually in the summer.

In October 2000, the BRSG became a Group of the Institute of Physics with the new name BRSG: The Magnetic Resonance Group.

The group further promotes magnetic resonance research through its bursary and its founder prize schemes.



Key dates:

  • Early registration deadline:
    1 December 2017
  • Registration deadline
    5 December 2017